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Jiangsu Zhongtian Plastic Co., Ltd.
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Jiangsu Zhongtian Plastic Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful, rich water town around south of Yangtze River—Furong Town, where is close to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, beautiful in environment and convenient in transportation. It consists of Xinzhongtian Plastic Industry, Xinzhongtian Auto and Xinzhongtian Mould corporations.
 Occupying over 30,000 sq. meters, the company has more than 300 employees including ten percent of technicians. With advanced design ability, perfect production base, excellent manufacturing technology and good service, the company has won many customers’ trust. Based on technical innovation, oriented with enterprise cultural, relying on excellent market plant and marketing thinking, it has developed an industry company integrated with development, production, distribution and mould manufacture.
The company mostly produces plastic oil tank, air filter, oil level sensor and plastic fittings. Particularly in the field of motorcycle, it has formed series, batches, professional production. The company has got the ability of producing matched products for the whole industry and has got domestic first-class filter test equipment. Presently, it mostly produces products for large or middle-size motorcycle groups, like HONDA, Jincheng, Wuyang HONDA, Qingqi, SUZUKI, Piaggio, Grand River Group and so on, enjoying higher reputation in this industry. Annual output of filter reaches over 2.5million sets and that of oil tank reaches over 1.5million sets; ratio of market occupation reaches over 15%. Meanwhile, the company also develops to relative auto industry actively. Presently, some products have been applied in auto industry and have been approved by users. (such as Hanjiang, Chunlan, Jinggong, etc.)
Since from 1999, the company has built series quality management system including product development, design, manufacture and service according to ISO9001 standard. These products have been approved by more customers with high cost performance and grown quickly. Along with more new products put into market, we believe Xinzhongtian will obtain more customers.
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Plastic extrusion, blow, hallow molding machine
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One corner of test room
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salt spray test chamber
air permeability tester for filter paper
vacuum hydraulic waterproof leakage test machine
analytical balance
burst tester for filter paper
tearability tester for filter paper
thickness gauge for filter paper
impact testing machine
Ld vibration test bench
computerized tensile strength tester
filter paper apertometer
general test bench for air cleaner